Website Fees & Payment Plans

A quality website is neither a small investment nor a small commitment of time and effort. Every business or organization, big or small should have their own web presence and we try to make it as easy as possible. Your website experience with Bridgewater Graphics begins with value as we keep our fees reasonable and manageable. At Bridgewater Graphics, we strive to deliver quality products at an affordable price.

There is flexibility around the amount you choose to invest in your website and how you choose to pay for it, however, an important aspect to keep in mind is that your web presence will grow your business and help meet your business or organization’s needs.

At Bridgewater Graphics we offer our clients pay as you go progress payments for website design. Clients have the option to make payments based on the delivery of the design, the content, and then finally the live site. This payment method will help spread the cost out over an agreed upon period of time between the client and Bridgewater Graphics.

At Bridgewater Graphics we accept cash, cheque and e-transfers.